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JUSTNAILS Professional Mani Set - M + Lampe

JUSTNAILS Professional Mani Set - M + Lampe

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  • JN11938

    • JUSTNAILS Rosenholzstäbchen 10 Stk.
    • JUSTNAILS Buffer Block weiß #100 1
    • 2 JUSTNAILS Feilen Zebra Halbmond 100/180
    • Premium Nagelhautzange silver
    • JUSTNAILS Ultra Prep - Dehydrator 12ml
    • JUSTNAILS Primer Ultra Double Bond 12ml
    • JUSTNAILS Base Rubber Builder - EXCELLENT BASE - Hybrid Shellac Gel
    • JUSTNAILS Flexi Color - CALM DOWN - Polish Shellac Soak-off Gel
    • JUSTNAILS Premium Protect Nagelöl - Essence of love 10ml
    • JUSTNAILS MASTER TOP - No Wipe Finish Gel
    • JUSTNAILS Premium Aceton 100% Soak Off & Acryl Remover 100ml
    • JUSTNAILS Deluxe UV / LED Lampe 6 48W



    • Wahlweise: Fräser Maschine mit Maniküre Bits  (für Profis empfohlen)
    • Alufolie und Küchenpapier oder Zelletten zum Nägel wieder ablösen


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JUSTNAILS  Premium Express Manicure Soak-off Shellac Starter Set - for fast and beautiful... more

JUSTNAILS  Premium Express Manicure Soak-off Shellac Starter Set - for fast and beautiful nails

With this high quality set you get in one click all the gels and all the accessories you need for your express shellac nail modeling. Perfect for a quick modeling at home. Without filing in shape and without much experience, you can easily conjure up beautiful nails with these items that will last you even up to 3.5 weeks.


  • The included EXCELLENT BASE is an antidote for very soft and damaged nails. A revolutionary base based on a unique formula that combines the properties of hybrid polish, soft gel and building gel.
  • Perfect consistency that allows even gentle lengthening (up to 0.5 cm) and building up of the nail plate.
  • The exceptionally tacky dispersion layer allows the applied color to adhere perfectly, which ensures the durability of the manicure up to at least 2-3 weeks.
  • Thanks to the Cool Cure curing technology, the base does not cause discomfort and burning when curing in the lamp.

Please note that the included gels have been carefully selected for the majority of natural nails, so: for no too soft and no too hard nails. If you yourself have very thin and soft nails, it may be necessary to use a more flexible base such as: JUSTNAILS Base Rubber Builder - FLEXI BUILD UP - Hybrid Shellac Gel . Or if you have very thick and hard nails: JUSTNAILS Excellent FIBER BASE Builder - CLEAR - Hybrid Shellac Gel



1.     Prepare your nails and perform a manicure:

2.     Wash your hands and disinfect them at best.

3.     File your nails into shape with the finer side of the half-moon file.

4.     Gently push back your cuticles with a rosewood stick and also push them up a little so that the removal with the nippers or cuticle scissors is easier. 
Now, if necessary, cut away the dry and white cuticles, taking extreme care not to injure yourself. Start slowly and work your way up piece by piece. 

5.     Now use the white buffer to mat the nail plate and also carefully go into the edges and corners to remove the invisible cuticles. Depending on the genetics, there may be very much or very little invisible cuticle on the nail plate. However, this must be completely removed. You can also use your half-moon file to help you get into the edges and corners better. Most of the time, if there is too much invisible skin that grows with the nail plate, this can only be done perfectly with a cutter and perfectly suitable manicure bits. 

6.     Now remove the filing dust from your nails and apply the Ultra Prep to the entire nail plate. Let it dry for a few seconds and continue with the Ultra Double Bond. Apply this to the entire nail plate as well and let it air dry for about 20 seconds. This leaves a sticky layer, please do not touch!

7.     Now apply a very thin layer of Excellent Base to the carefully prepared nail plate (do not cure yet, the layer serves as a "contact layer" for the next thicker layer). Then use more to strengthen the nail a bit. Be sure to build up the C-curve and stress point a bit. Always spread the gel out a little thinner towards the tip of the nail so that the tips don't look too thick later, but don't forget to coat the tip of the nail. The gel must NOT touch the cuticle otherwise the durability cannot be guaranteed.

8.     After curing in the lamp (about 60 seconds), you can now apply the color immediately and cure (60 seconds). If the opacity is not yet sufficient, paint another layer over it after curing in the lamp and cure it again. Also paint the color gel towards the tip always thin out so that the nails do not look too thick later.

9.     Now you can seal the nails with the Master Top and cure again for 120 seconds. 
Wait until the nails have cooled and then coat their cuticles with the nail oil.

10.  To remove the nails after the wearing time, you need to roughen the top layer well with the file so that the remover liquid can penetrate well. Then wrap your fingers with aluminum foil, in which there is also a cellotte or kitchen paper soaked with the remover liquid. Leave this airtight for about 10-15 minutes and then scrape off the softened gel with the rosewood sticks. 

TIPS:  If you have lifting and adhesion problems:

1. Extremely greasy nails: add an additional product between the Ultra Prep and the Ultra Double Bond: !ATTENTION THE PRODUCT CONTAINS ACID AND MAY BURN ON THE SKIN! > JUSTNAILS Primer Ultra Bond + Acid 12ml <

2. If the modeling forms lifts, pay even more attention to their natural nail preparation. This must be perfectly exercised and there must be no more Invisible cuticle on the nail plate!  A purchase of a cutter machine with manicure cuticle bits is recommended!


Since the detachment process takes some time, later a new modeling and the whole nail must be prepared so over and over again and thus forced always a thin layer of the natural nail is removed (which damages a natural nail in the long term if one especially too much abtragen), professional nail designers in the studio use another way: They file the top sealing layer and the color gel back down (best with a cutter with a coarse Abtrage Bit), and then prepare only the rear newly grown out part of the nail plate again as described at the beginning of the instructions. After the "docked" structure has hardened, the sweat layer is removed with a cleaner and cellular tablets (not included in the set) and the transition is filed to size. After that, the paint is applied as usual. 



Keep all items away from children and fire. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse eyes with cold water. Consult your doctor.


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