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Finish Gel

Does the Secret Beyond Shine have UV protection?

No, the Secret Beyond Shine has no UV protection per se, but we are not aware of any discoloration of the nails.

When I use the Secret Beyond Shine sealer over my dipping powder, it flakes off quickly. Should I apply another layer of base under the top coat?

In fact, we have already heard from several customers that our Secret Beyond Shine does not last as well on acrylic. Instead, we can assure you that the Master Top Sealer holds super well. 

Alternatively, we recommend applying a base gel under the sealer that doesn't hold well to increase adhesion. Which one you use is not relevant. We use our favorite base gel Superbond for this.


I use a rubber base and have the problem that after about a month the gel peels off completely from the natural nail.

On the one hand, this could be due to the natural nail preparation, which is the be-all and end-all before any modeling.

Apart from that, it could also be due to the products that are used after the rubber base. Not all products always go together due to their properties. 

To find out more about which products can be used together and what ultimately lasts best, take a look at our training courses.


Where are your gels actually produced?

Around 70% of our gels are produced in Germany and around 20% within Europe.

How can I find out whether a gel contains 'Hema'?

You can find out whether the ingredient 'Hema' is contained in a product by looking directly at the respective gel in the 'Ingredients' section below the photo.

Hema is labeled as '2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate' or simply Hema.

What is the difference between the Honey Cream Builder and the Honey Extreme Builder, which one is more suitable for beginners?

The difference between the Honey Cream Builder and the Honey Extreme Builder is that the Extreme is very stable due to the surface tension, but eventually smoothes out a little. As a result, it does not run into the edges and you have more time to build up. However, it takes practice to be able to model a smooth surface optimally.

That's why we recommend trying the Honey Cream Builder at the beginning, as the gel is self-smoothing, which makes modeling much easier.

We have made a YouTube video about this, which you are welcome to watch, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCT83RR3wc4

I have used Fullcover Tips and the XPRESS Tip Glue Gel together, but somehow it doesn't hold for me and breaks quickly at the apex. What can I do?

With full cover tips, it is always important to consider your own natural nail shape beforehand. Is my natural nail rather flat or does it perhaps have a strong C-curve? The right gel should be selected accordingly. If the XPRESS Tip Glue Gel does not hold, you could try either the Gummy Gel, acrylic powder or polygel, which improves and strengthens the adhesion even more.


Can you also use the acrylic gel to make XXXL stiletto nails? Is it just as stable and strong as acrylic powder?

Yes, you can also use acrylic gels for very long nails. It holds just as well as on shorter nails. However, acrylic gel would be too hard for nails that are too thin and soft and could lead to lifting.

The website states that the liquid is hema-free, but the incis states Hema. What is correct?

The exact chemical name for the ingredient "Glycol HEMA methacrylate" is "Ethylene glycol dimethacrylate". Therefore, the ingredient "Glycol HEMA methacrylate" is not the HEMA that is known and associated with allergies.

It does not fall under the "HEMA" that everyone knows.

In Profi Monomer, for example, HEMA and glycol HEMA methacrylate are ingredients. Here you can see that the ingredients are both listed and are therefore different.

Is it possible that the acrylic liquid monomer - PURITY FLOW is not curing?

We tested the liquid and waited around 10 minutes to see if it dried. It was still slightly rubbery. After that, we went over it with a cell wipe and cleaner, then it was dry and hardened. The PURITY FLOW is a more odorless, slow-drying liquid, very suitable for slower designers.

Order-related questions

Whenever I place an order, it says I have collected points. Where can I see how many I already have and where can I redeem them?

When you log in to your customer account, there is a yellow P at the top right, click on it to go to your points account.

When you look at your shopping cart, it says at the bottom: "Use your bonus points as a voucher (EUR) now:". You can then redeem your points and choose how many points you want to redeem.